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5 great tips to selling products on ebay
5 Great Tips To Selling On EBay

If you’re looking for advice on how to make money from EBay then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put some great tips together which will help you maximise your profits from selling products on EBay. If you’ve read our other reviews you will have already you’re your research on the products that are selling well on the site, know what you’re going to sell yourself and know how you’re going to make your products stand out from the crowd – Now all you need to do is source the products that you’re going to sell.

Below are some top tips on how to get the most out of your online EBay store, and how to take advantage of the “tricks of the trade”.

Clear out your cupboards
If you’re still struggling to source the products that you want to sell after reading the advice below, a good place to start is by clearing out your cupboards. Getting together all of the things you don’t use, or want, any more is a great way to start selling on EBay. It does a few things – Firstly it helps you get to grips with the sales process, gives you stock without an initial outlay, and gives your store a variety of products straight away.

It’s amazing what people will buy if you put it up on the site. Before long you’ll be selling items that you never thought you’d get rid of, and you’ll be making a profit too!

Source your local wholesalers
A finding local wholesaler for the product that you’ve selected is the best way to get started. Building up a relationship with a trusted wholesaler will guarantee you a reliable source of products at the best price. The last thing you want is to start building your business only to find you’re supplier can’t source the products any longer. Take some time to work with the wholesaler and really understand their business too.

Using a wholesaler not only give you products at a great price but it also enables you to build your product range as they usually have a huge array of products for you to select from. The more products you can sell the better.

This is a good way to start building up products but more importantly generating cash-flow. Once you’ve started producing a profit this will enable you to invest in more products and really start to grow your business.

Make the most of Drop Shippers
If you’ve not heard of drop shippers before essentially they are like wholesalers with a difference. Drop shippers will allow you to sell all of their products AND they’ll let you do so without you buying lots of stock before hand. Essentially they take the initial investment required to source products out of the equasion, allowing you to concentrate purely on selling. Think of it like this:

1. Your customer purchases an item
2. Once you’ve received payment you pay the drop shipper
3. The drop shipper receives your payment and posts the product to the customer.


Obviously this is one of the favoured methods of EBay selling as it takes a lotof the risk out of the business. With this though come some problems. Make sure you do your research into the drop shippers before you start to use them. Make sure they’re legitimate, have the products they say they have and are able to fulfil all of the orders you will send them. A little hard work in the beginning will pay off hugely later down the line.

Re-sell items from your local car-boot sale
The Car-boot is a great place to start if you want to re-sell unique products. This is a fantastic opportunity to [ick up a real deal and barter your own price for your products. Obviously these products are used so they may not be in the best condition; however, if you pick your items carefully you will make a profit. Common sense applies here – Check each item properly before buying, make sure the items work, look out for boxed items as these will sell better online, if the product comes with lots of bits ensure all of the parts are there.

Grab a bargain on EBay and re-sell it
Buy low and sell high on eBay. Is it possible? Yes of course it is!

If you spend some time really researching products and watching some of the auctions then you’re guaranteed to find a great deal. Once you’ve bagged a bargain simply re-list the item up for sale on EBay again. If you make your reserve price higher than that of which you bought it at then you will 100% make a profit.

This sounds easy, and it is, but you need to pick your products carefully.