Bid Rivals Review
Bid Rivals Scam Review
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Bidrivals Scam Review

I’ve been heavy into penny auctions for a few months now and I’ve been testing different sites out. It wasn’t until recently that I ended up hearing about a penny auction site called BidRivals. I heard some good things about it and decided I might as well give it a try…

I signed up with BidRivals expecting only to win one or two products that I wanted. I was really looking for an iPhone 4, and a new digital camera. I bought 250 bids because the other review sites I read said that you should get at least 200+ bids if you want to stand a chance of winning a couple of products. You want the room to be able to bid against people and get them to give up. And that’s exactly what I’ve found from my own experience with penny auctions.

It took me about 15-20 minutes before I found an auction for a new iPhone 4, and I got really excited just getting the feeling that I could win it. As other penny auction review sites mention, you should wait until there’s only 5 to 10 seconds left in the auction. So I waited until the iPhone 4 auction was at $24.52 and there was only 3 seconds left! I started bidding right at the last second, and the auction continued. People started bidding against me trying to win the iPhone, but I kept going – dropped 30-40 bids altogether.

Eventually the countdown timer hit zero and I was declared the winner of a new iphone 4G!

I was blown away and couldn’t believe I’d actually won something so quickly. Sometimes with other sites it takes a couple of auctions before you win anything…

After that auction I was on a high, and I bid on a new camera and television. I didn’t win the television but I did end up winning the camera I wanted. And even better was that I still had bids left over. In the end I ended up managing to win a couple of $50 gift cards along with a brand new iPhone 4 and a new camera!

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BidRivals is by far the best penny auction site I’ve used to date. They have fast delivery times, and great customer service to go along with the huge amount of auctions you can participate in. Plus, there’s not as much competition with them as there are with other penny auction sites.