Make Money online with ebay
Learn how to sell your own products and earn money online with ebay.
How To Make Money On EBay

When you’re looking at making money online you should look at all options open to you. It’s easy to sign up to a make money program and follow the instructions, but there are other ways too.

Look at what you do on a monthly basis online and you can guarantee there is some money to be made at it. Take EBay for example – You wouldn’t have thought you’d be able to make much money from this yourself, but you’d be wrong.
A lot of people throughout the world find EBay a perfect platform to make money online. Not only is it easy to do, EBay give you loads of free tools to help you increase sales and manage your customer journeys too.

EBay is a great place to start if you have no experience in selling your own products online as it’s simple, easy to use and quick to get up and running. In comparison to other make money products using EBay to make money online requires very little investment to get started. Usually when selling your products online it takes time and money to start to promote your products and drive traffic to your website. With EBay you cut out all of this hassle and can start selling your products straight away as there is already a huge amount of potential customers ready to buy your products.

If you’re already one step ahead of the game and have your products read to sell online, then you can quickly open an EBay seller account and begin to list your items for sale on EBay. One of the quickest ways to start selling is to start an EBay Auction – This takes a few steps to get setup but essentially you will have to:

Write your product description – Make sure you spend some time adding all of the benefits of your products and give as much information as possible. It’s important that people know everything about the product so they will buy straight away rather than going off your auction to look for more information elsewhere.

Add/upload a photo of your product – Make sure you put some effort into these photos. Think of this as your shop front as it’s the first thing a user will see when they view your listing. Getting a great photo uploaded can make the difference between someone clicking on your product to buy and not.

Add Terms and Conditions – It’s worth making it very clear what the customer is buying, what terms they’re buying it under (e.g. 30 days money back guarantee etc). You can use this to be really clear on what you’re expecting to deliver as a seller and what you’re expecting from your buyer.

Setup your payment methods – Be clear as to how you’d like to be paid. It’s vital that you’re open and concise with your clients when it comes to payment. You can accept payment in a range of methods from PaayPal through to payment on collection. When considering your payment methods be sure to include postage and packaging if necessary. A buyer will expect you to be clear on all of these points before they buy.

This may at first seem like a lot of leg work to sell your items; however, in reality it’s not. Also, the beauty of using EBay is that there are lots of resources available for you to help with any element of the auction. They provide written guides but also video tutorials too.

Some Important tips of selling on eBay:
Do your own research! Find out what the hot niches are on EBay before you start making products. Without doing this research you’ll suffer from a lack of sales later down the line. There is no point selling something that won’t sell, so check out what’s selling well online before you start. REMEMBER: You may think you’re products will sell, but when they hit the shelves they might not sell, so check it out before hand!

If you can see that there are sales happening on EBay in your chosen field then you should dig a little deeper. Make sure that these sales are legitimate, do some research into the buyers and really make sure you have a market to sell to.

Spend some time trawling the sites as a buyer, that way you will be able to get some ideas as to how you can make your products stand out from the crowd. Check out the auctions that are selling similar products to yours and watch the bids. If they’re genuine you’ll be able to see how you’re your products will be going for. If you see lots of these auctions closing with a sale then it’s a good sign your products are going to sell too!

Secondly, you need to let your customers distinguish you from other sellers on eBay. Having done your research you’ll know who your competitors are online, so keep an eye on what they’re doing with their auctions. To combat this competition you’ll need to start and build your reputation in EBay and make sure that you’re customers really start to recognise your brand. You can do little wrong if you focus on great customer service, offering free postage and packaging, next day delivery etc. These little touches help your scores increase hence building reputation. The more established you get the less you’ll have to give away to entice people to buy from you.

EBay offer some great ways to make your products stand out; however, these obviously cost more money. After you’ve made some sales and generated some revenue then it would be a good idea to start to use some of these tools to increase your sales. These tools are fantastic, so if you’re confident in your product selling straight away then you should make the most of these.

In summary, EBay is a great too to start selling your products online but it’s not guaranteed to work for you. You will have to do some good research in the first instance to make sure your products will sell and ensure you’ll make profit. If you’re looking for a quick win then this isn’t for you (Although we’ve reviewed some fantastic get rich quick programs here). Selling online is competitive, but this should absolutely not put you off. As long as you have a great product, deliver brilliant customer service and after-sales help then you’re sure to start building your business, fast!