Making Money Parking Domains

The internet has been the great place for the profit and earning . The google boom and followed by yahoo , MSN and Adbrite . The publishers of the most trafficked and busy sites have been busy in pocketing dollars for the every traffic and pay per click Advertisements shown on their sites . But the poor site owners and the bloggers who have low traffic or visitors have to wait for months to collect their revenue which was earned from the site advertisements . But thanks to parking sites such as , , name drive and , the domainers have been able to earn the revenue from the ads shown on their domains . You do not need to purchase hosting or spend a lot on the web design and we developers when you can start earning simply from the purchasing the domains and parking them on the sites which are most visited .
There is no any superior skills of web design or programming required for this business . you can earn while you sleep and this goes on . Some sites also place the banner that the domains are for sale . Thus you save on advertisement costs as well as marketing costs . All is done by parking sites. No matter you have registered domain on any site , just point your domain Name Servers (DNS) to parked sites address . Just go to parking sites , write the tags or keywords matching the domains nature and functions select suitable template and the parked domain will start showing ads of google or yahoo according to the domain parking site’s ads partner and you start earning in minutes. Alternatively you can forward your domain to parking site such as . To set up your domain for parking , just take a look at the following steps . Suppose you have purchased a domain from and you want to point the domain to Sedo parking the method will be as follows : go to enter your username and password . click on the domain you purchased and then go to change name servers . The name servers will appear like this.
NS1.BRAVEHOST.COM and NS2.BRAVEHOST.COM. Its the place where you change the name servers and point it to the Sedo name Servers which are NS1.SEDOPARKING.COM and NS2.SEDOPARKING.COM. The easy step will be to change name servers to SEDO then press submit . The name servers are now changed and the ads will start showing on your domain default page . Remember that before adding your domains to parking sites , first change the current name servers to the parking site’s Name servers as parking sites have to validate the WHOIS information so as to know that you are the real owner of the domain .

If you are a beginner or running short of savings to this business then start from .info domains as these are very cheap . you will have .info domains from in just $3.15 and its reseller sells the same .info domains in just $2.15 . The .info domains are much cheaper than .com , .org or .net domains which start from $6 dollars to 12 dollars and the .tv and .fm domains cost even more . I have registered 100 .info domains and parked. My average daily earnings are $6 to $8 dollars per day and you can earn $200 Plus Dollars in month while you sleep . The earnings will grow as the domains crawled by search engines and typed by users . after all you have nothing to lose but to earn whenever the default domains are shown to visitors or clicked . But be careful , never click on your domains ads yourself as you might be banned from parking domains and all earnings will seized . Always register those domains which are of very common nature such for freelance advertisements you can register , for online hotel booking you can purchase a domain like for any matrimonial sites just register , for articles and content advertisements you can have domains such as and . if you have idea of showing ads of freelance writing sites then a domain like will be an added value . The educations searches are made on regular basis so you can register a domain like . suppose that you want to register a domain which related to sports only then the domain like will be fine and attractive . The pay per click and cost per Million impressions websites are increasing day by day and many advertisers as well as publishers are keen to search the PPC and CPM based sites . Registering a domain similar to this keyword click could bring you more traffic such as Hundreds of the jobseekers around the world search for online job sites to register themselves and applying for jobs be they full time , or part time or home based freelance jobs such as . The jobs keyword can earn you more dollars. In today’s world every one wants a fast and secure system for online money transfer and payment . The online payment systems such Western union , google checkout etc are in continuous demand and subjects of the searches made over the search engines . Registering a domain like sounds similar to pay pal can show the ads of online payment systems . The you Tube , meta cafĂ© , daily motion video sharing sites have been very popular in social networking . every day millions of videos are watched and submitted by users for viewers . The domain such as will be very useful for cash parking as its key words will videos and videos sharing , video submitting etc over the internet . several people enjoy online purchases through various credit cards and debit cards such VISA , Masters Card , American Express , JCB , Diner’s Club . The parking a domain such as will be high traffic domains for earning more revenue for cash parking . Parking domains for travel sites is also more yielding as it includes trips , air flights , hotels , booking and are based on high CPC and CPM based . My only domain concerning traveling ,earns me the amount of 10 domains per month due to its high trafficked and costly keywords .The technology based online shopping sites are also popular a domain such as will be a great value to attract more visitors or more searches over the net. Some people are keen of watching and keeping the latest models of cars and luxury costly cars . The domain such as will make some to visits the site where information regarding the latest models of the cars is available .Everyday hundreds of the bloggers and blog advertisers hunt for the sites to advertise or monetize the blogs adding domain such as will earn you more revenue whoever searches the key word Blog advertising , blog hosting etc. The website and domain registrar sites are always visited by millions to start their business over the net . The domains such as , and are worth mentioning. The affiliate marketing has been very lucrative business for online retailers . The domain as will add value to your cash parking business . The online matrimonial sites are like viral articles so every one tests his/ her luck for match hunt . The domain such as will be very handy and earn you more revenue from the cash parking which needs only one time investment . The development jobs are also most wanted due to handsome and lucrative salaries . The domain such as may bring some charm and money in your pocket . Thanks to internet which has provided many sources of revenue to the online traders . The online trading business has been very profiting as compared to offline trading . The domain such as will certainly boost your revenues at higher level.

All the domains included in this article are the examples of cash parking . you must visit them in order to know how your parked domains will look like after parking them . I have visited many domain parking sites Go daddy , Sedo , Name drive , gold key , parking dots , parking panel , domain hop , parked , domain sponsor , active audience and trafficz But I will recommend you to concentrate on three parking leaders . and . The Sedo and name drive are free parking sites where you can park un limited domains for free where as go daddy charges 3 to 4 US dollars for basic parking which includes 60% revenue share of the parked domains and 80% for the premium cash parking . suppose you earned 100 dollars in April , if you have Basic cash parking then you earned $60 and $40 dollars will go to go daddy share . If you have premium cash parking account with , then you will pocket $80 and $ 20 Dollars will go in . The domain registration is the problem of all as all the customer need cheap and established registrar and web hosting . The and are the finest to start with .info domains by parking them on the sites . if you need hosting for any website then is the best choice . so what are you waiting for ? just buy domains and park them on the sites and make money while you sleep . for further information please visit my blog at

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