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It’s embarrassing for me to admit this now, but I have been making a very nice income working from home for quite a while now – and keeping it secret from most of the people who know me. Until…

I was taking the trash out not long ago, and my neighbor Jessica stopped me at the curb.

“I have to ask you,” Jessica said, looking at her feet, “what the heck do you do for a living?”

I shrugged. It’s a question I avoid – not because what I do is wrong or anything, but most people either don’t understand it or they just flat-out don’t believe it.

“No, really,” Jessica said. She looked up. “What do you do? Did you win the lottery? Or did you author a famous book or something?”

I laughed and asked her why she would say such a thing. And then she told me something that made me decide to put up this web page…

She said, “I don’t want to be nosey, but here’s the deal… I get up every day and shower and put on a dress and leave my family to go to work for a living. I come home after dark, I’m dead tired, and I just fall onto the couch and go to sleep in front of the TV.”

I nodded. Jessica was getting worked up.

“You, on the other hand,” she said as she pointed at me, “are home when I leave in the morning. You’re home when I get back from work. You have a nice house, a nice car… and as far as I can tell you don’t even have a job. So I want to know how you do it!”

Immediately I felt sorry for Jessica. Here I had been thinking that she was just nosey – and the truth was, she’s just desperate to find a way out of the 9-to5 trap. She wanted to be free from work-slavery.

So I told her exactly what I’m about to tell you – all about the best-kept “secret job” I know of.

There Are Hundreds Of Survey Companies
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I know of over 479 companies right now that will pay you for your opinion.

Can you think about that for just a minute? These companies are in need of people to take their surveys, their opinion polls, to try their new products – and they need people (like you) so much that they’re willing to pay!

This is the perfect opportunity if you’re a retired person, or disabled, or a stay-at-home mom. Or if you just want a part-time job. Or if you’re a student who needs extra money, or if you just want to break free from a soul-killing job that you hate!

In the United States, it’s estimated that companies spend over $200 Billion advertising and marketing their products.Most of that money is spent on advertising, but a huge pile of it is devoted to… .research.

These companies spend billions trying to learn what consumers want. How they think. Why they buy some products and not others. How they shop. In fact, these companies want to know everything about what makes the consumer “tick”.

Having all that knowledge gained from their research makes it much easier for companies to develop, advertise, and sell the products that people really want! That’s how the big companies make their big money: research.

Just look at how much you can make taking surveys online!
? If you took 2 surveys a day @ $10 per survey = $140 per week or $560 per month or $6,720 per year!
? If you took 4 surveys a day @ $10 per survey = $280 per week or $1120 per month or $13,440 per year!
? If you took 4 surveys a day @ $20 per survey = $560 per week or $2240 per month or $26,880 per year!
Since each survey takes only a few minutes, you can decide how much time you want to spend doing the surveys, if you can participate in focus groups then your income will be many times more than what is illustrated here.

Step 1: Sign Up For Your Membership Today

The hardest part about this whole method of making money is finding the companies that pay for opinions. How do you find these companies, evaluate the programs you really want to be part of, and separate the “good” from the “bad”?

You could spend weeks and months to seek out these programs, evaluate each of them, and decide on the ones that are “for real” and not “scams”.

The good news is you don’t have to worry about doing all that work – we’ve done all of it for you. In our private Member’s Area, you get full access to our database of over 400 of the top survey opportunities. We update the list on a regular basis.

We also give you all the inside tactics, tips and tricks about how to get started as quickly as possible without making the many possible mistakes that lay along the path.

And if you live outside the United States – no worries. I’ve shown people all over the world how to get paid for their opinion, infact we have an entire section of our members area dedicated for international members.

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Step 2: Take Surveys and Make Money

Most of the research companies we work with operate online – which means you just fill out a simple survey form online at a website. Some companies will want you to join in for an online “chat” session.

You just follow the simple instructions and do the “work”… usually on your own schedule, in your spare time.

Obviously, the more surveys you fill out or take part in, the more money you can make. This is not a “free ride” where you get “something for nothing” – it is a way you can work and make money with freedom to work when and where you want. It’s a way to make money without having a boss who humiliates you… coworkers who repulse you… or a corporate culture that kills your soul.

Get started taking surveys now – and get paid for it!

Step 3: Use Our Tricks and Techniques To Help You Speed Up Your Progress

In the Member’s area, we spell out all the “insider tactics” for taking surveys and participating in research that pays.

Worried about filling out all those forms, typing in your information over and over again? I would be too. It can take a long time. Now it’s no problem!

We provide free software that will help you automate the process of filling in those forms – up to 297% faster than doing it manually.

And when you can streamline the process, you can make more money. Let’s say you take a simple survey that pays you $10, and it takes you 10 minutes to fill in that survey. If you took one survey after another, you could make $60 in an hour.

But… using our tips, tactics, and software, what if you could double the number of surveys you could take in an hour? Then you’d make $120 in that same hour, instead of $60. Let’s do a little math… if you could make $120 per hour just 10 hours a week, that’s $1,200 per week in survey income. Now, I’m not promising you can do that – but does it seem possible to you? $1,200 a week works out to $57,600 in yearly income (and includes 4 weeks of vacation!).

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